100% Privacy Protected

Our tool uses latest technology proxy systems built inside with automatically updating options which keeps your identity and privacy fully safe from anyone's eyes. We know this is much needed when the Snapchat Hack is used to spy over someones conversations and you don't want this person to discovers you out. Our goal is to always protect a privacy of our users.

Privacy Secured

App Usage

The main reason we built this tool is for purpose of parental control. As you know there is a lots of online bullying spread over social networks today and minors are widely victims of this. For pedophiles and internet criminals children are easy targets for them to manipulate. But we think our software will come useful for parents who wants to protect their kids and see with who they talks to, hanging out and so. You can simply use our app to monitor your children Snapchat conversations with their contacts and see if there are any suspicious ones trying to manipulate with them to make them send sensitive photos and information.
Second popular reason of using Snapchat Hack app is using it to spy over your relationship partner chats. Believe it or not, this is highly searched motive why our tool is so desired between Snapchat users. Using the spy option integrated inside you can easily read over past conversations of your chosen contacts and see any photos they exchanged in a period you selected. (Last 24 hours, one week, one month, 3 months or 6 months.)

About Us

This software is built by German developers who are authors of many such applications over the internet. We decided to share it to the world for free because its primarily made to test our coding skills and this is big achievement we succeeded to built. In a future maybe it will become premium purchasable app but for now it's free so take this chance while you still can :-) Hacking into Snapchat database and detecting for working exploit and loop which this program today uses to get into Snapchat accounts was a hard working and really exhausting work to succeed. But after hundreds of attempts and never ending testing and coding we finally did it. It's our true pleasure to see people are satisfied and happy with using our tool. If you have any obscurities with using or maybe found some bug do not ever hesitate to contact us.

Disclaimer & Terms

This website and Snapchat Hack app is not affiliated with official Snapchat application in any way. Our tool and information provided here is provided in purpose for personal and ethical usage only. The only way in we agreed this app should be used is for parental control. Any other purpose of using will be at your own responsibility and we disclaim of any risks held by same.